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Breast Reconstruction Surgery – What it is, Benefits, Procedure, Risks and Much More

September 12th, 2022

What is Breast Reconstruction?
What is Breast Reconstruction

Also referred as reconstructive mammaplasty or post mastectomy surgery.

Breast reconstruction involves a number of procedures to be performed following mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery to correct the form and reshape the breast.

Important factors need to be considered such as individual anatomy,Guest Posting aesthetic goals, need for radiation or post surgical chemotherapy to determine the best options.

It is important to discuss the cancer surgery prior undergoing mastectomy with the plastic surgeon as the suggested cancer removal surgery may significantly affect the result and the choice of the type of breast reconstruction.

Who is the best candidate for BREAST RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY?

If you think this surgery will help you to feel better about your appearance and restore your confidence in your sexuality.
If you think this surgery will make your appearance confident
If you think this surgery will give you feeling of “wholeness”
If your breasts are asymmetrical and surgery will improve symmetry
To allow you to wear certain clothes which you like
If you think this surgery will give you feeling of femininity
If you have gone through a surgical operation to remove a breast (mastectomy) and cancer experience.


Any of the above mentioned reasons makes you a suitable candidate to undergo BREAST RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY, But to be an eligible candidate for surgery you should also fulfill the following criteria:
Every surgical procedure including plastic or cosmetic surgery involves certain risks. You should undergo a BREAST RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY only if you have a medical requirement or you feel that the particular surgery will enhance your quality of life.
You shall be a good candidate for the BREAST RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY if you are healthy, you have realistic expectations from the outcome of the surgery and you are aware of all the risks associated with the procedure.
You cannot consider undergoing a cosmetic surgery if you have serious health issues like diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, bleeding disorders like haemophilia or depression.
You shall not be a good candidate for the BREAST RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY if you smoke or drink too much alcohol.
You should have positive attitude!
You expectations from the outcome of the surgery should be realistic.
You should be ready to miss at least a few weeks of normal activity.

Benefits Of Breast Reconstruction
You will not have to live with external breast pads or breasts.
You can start living new life without reminding mastectomy and cancer experience.
It can help you feel better about how you look and restore confidence in your sexuality.



Ageing is a natural process which everyone goes through. Visible wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes are signs of ageing. Such skin flaws makes you look tired or aged. But with BREAST RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY like suitable treatment one feels younger, healthier and rejuvenated.


Nowadays BREAST RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY is gaining immense popularity because it produces results that blend extremely well with a patient’s body aesthetics. Soon after the surgery, one gets back to the desired or normal shape of a treated body part. One does not have to wait long to see the result, which is the beauty of cosmetic surgery.


Some cosmetic surgery procedures have double advantage; it will improve physical health as well as your looks.

For example, a rhinoplasty or nose job enhances the aesthetics of the nose and at the same time helps improve breathing and can potentially reduce sinus infections.

Breast reconstruction surgery, which is commonly requested by many women has benefits for not only improving aesthetic appearance and but also eliminates any physical and emotional discomfort which come along with it.

Some researchers also believe that removal of breast tissue in men can lower the risk of cancer in that tissue.


Self Confidence is a tool that helps us face challenges and tackle problems in life, with great certainty. When you look good, you feel good which in turn increases your self confidence. It leads to greater willingness to try new things or open up in social situations. You become more willing and open to wearing certain clothes or participating in activities which you avoided prior to surgery, due to discomfort in your appearance.

Certain clinicians and psychologists feel, few corrections in your body parts, by cosmetic surgery can not only lead to emotional wellness but also enhanced mental health.


Studies do suggest that people that are more attractive benefit in their personal as well as professional lives.